Clothes that connect with your most important emotions.

 Overlapping with a woman who is gentle and pure, emotions come to life.


“We are not permitted to linger, even with what is most

intimate.  From images that are full, the spirit

plunges on to others that suddenly must be filled;

there are no lakes till eternity.  Here,

falling is best.  To fall from the mastered emotion 

into the guessed-at, and onward.”


[To Hölderlin] / Rainer Maria Rilke

from Uncollected Poems



 Born 1994, Fukuoka. JAPAN.
 Spent childhood in Ca USA, Returning to Japan in '03.
 Year 2016, while in university, studies abroad at [  University of the Arts London ].
 Graduating, joins NYLON JAPAN as an official blogger、while modeling for commercials  and runways.
 Year 2016, establishes clothing brand [ GYF TOKYO ], designing until Feb, 2020.

 April, 2020,  establishes [ PRIVÉVE ], A brand for women with gentle and pure feelings.